Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why Our Political Discourse Is So Vacuous

Kathleen Parker: My views aren't antiquated. I have red glasses!

Kathleen Parker comes off as a non-crazy person. She's no Peggy Noonan, who comes off as your goofy, half-looped aunt who's lost her mind except for that one remaining rhetorical skill where she fools you into thinking she's rational by closing her eyes, looking down while tilting her head to the right and saying "My sense is that..." followed by whatever preposterous idea she wants to convey. Example: "It's my sense that, regrettable and inaccurate though it may be, the American people have come to the conclusion that Barack Obama invented racism in the 5th grade before he quit doing blow."

Nonetheless, Parker manages to craft an op-ed for the Washington Post in which she pretty much says "I agree with Obama about the contraceptive mandate, but I'm going to build an entire article trashing it because I haven't the vaguest understanding of the First Amendment, and even if I did it's more fun obscuring the issue in 700 words than elucidating anything. What was I talking about?"

You decide.

From my point of view, it isn't difficult: A hobby shop is not a church. We can go home now.

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