Tuesday, February 4, 2014

See, I Told You Obama Is Evil

(Updated below)

Here's a classic lesson in how to use headlines to misinform. Here's the headline for a Business Insider article:

CBO: Obamacare Will Lead To 2 Million Fewer Workers In The Labor Force By 2017

Now, here's the key paragraph in the article:
"Although CBO projects that total  employment (and compensation) will increase over the  coming decade, that increase will be smaller than it would  have been in the absence of the ACA," the CBO said in the report.
The headline says that there will be fewer workers in the labor force. The article, however, says that there will be more workers in the labor force.

Crappy journalism. Evil or stupid. You decide.

Update. The stupidity spreads far and wide. The New York Times catches the nuances of the report, thankfully. WaPo's Jennifer Rubin gets it crazy wrong, and her own paper fact-checks her wrongness. Sheesh.

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