Friday, February 28, 2014

Peggy Noonan, Woman of Deep Insight into the Human Condition

Peggy Noonan, working up the brain power to distinguish
between tolerance and intolerance. Uh oh, intolerance won.

The world's moving along, for better or for worse, but for Peggy Noonan it's the liberals and the regulations and all. Who cares that it makes sense to regulate how buildings are built and is an established fait accompli since who can remember? Who cares if a building is unsafe? Damn regulations!
Rules, regulations, many of them stupid, from all the agencies--local, state, federal--on the building of a house, or the starting of a business. You can only employ so many before the new insurance rules kick in so don't employ too many, don't take a chance! Which means: Don't grow. It takes the utmost commitment to start a school or improve an existing one because you'll come up against the unions, which own the politicians.
Of course, it's the unions! But, citizens, it gets worse:
 On twitter Thursday the freedom-fighter who tweets as @FriedrichHayek asked: "Can the government compel a Jewish baker to deliver a wedding cake on a Saturday? If not why not." Why not indeed. Because the truly tolerant give each other a little space?
I don't know, but if he's an observant Jew, he'd be closed on the Sabbath, right? Is that too hard a concept to squeeze out of yer frontal lobes, Peggy? And who are the truly tolerant in this little scenario of yours, Peggers? Everyone who's not gay? Everyone who's not in a union?

Could be me, but Noonan looks like she gets paid for writing paeans to intolerance masquerading as cries for tolerance. Nice work if you can get it.

Thanks, Media Matters.

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