Saturday, February 8, 2014

This Is How Citizens United "Dark Money" Works

Billionaire Koch brothers: Remember them, they hate the poor.

The Koch brothers' pet project, Americans for Prosperity, has thrown its full weight into preventing the state of Louisiana from expanding Medicaid under Obamacare, which has the effect of preventing the very poor from getting access to healthcare. In fact, it's the only effect, other than denying federal funding to aid hospitals that take a hit from those same poor when they use hospital ERs for their only source of healthcare:
Specifically AFP, funded by the billionaire Koch brothers, is pushing all 144 state lawmakers to not support a Medicaid expansion, according to The Advocate of Louisiana.
AFP will also stage events across the state in the coming weeks to lay out its argument against Medicaid expansion.
This is superPAC dark money -- enabled by the obscenely moronic Citizens United Supreme Court decision -- that is to be used for non-profit purposes. That's why its donors list doesn't have to be made public. Of course, this isn't political action, it's issues action. The issue, of course, is whether the poor should die sooner. We know where the billionaire Koch brothers stand on that issue.

And, just so you know, the non-political way the Koch brothers are using this non-political non-profit is to pressure all Lousiana state legislators on this issue. Sure sounds like non-political, non-profit business to me!


An idyllic Louisiana hamlet: Who needs Medicaid
 when you're rich enough to have a car?

Note. Here's a quick and accurate glimpse at why Republicans can use Citizens United more effectively than Democrats.

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