Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Koch Brothers Lie, The Koch Brothers Lie! (The Gazillionth Edition)

Every time they lie, we'll talk about it. Here's another bullshit pitch:

The truth? The ad condemns Obamacare. But the scared senior is worried about Medicare. Also, the man is worried about the Medicare cuts, which are not benefit cuts, they're payout cuts to Medicare Advantage providers. The senior is having zero cuts to services, period. We don't know if he's even in a Medicare Advantage program. Only 28% of seniors use an Advantage program, which, coincidentally was a favorite of Republicans, who pushed them as an HMO alternative to traditional Medicare back in the 90s! Not surprising.

Oh, and Glenn Kessler of WaPo Fact Checker says two Pinocchios.

End of story. For now.

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