Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WaPo Idiot of the Week: It's Not Robert Samuelson After All!

Richard Cohen, who might have been relevant some day in the distant past, outdoes his current irrelevance.

Read it for yourself. However, you might want to have some Pepto nearby. Here's a quick summary, though, if you want to avoid following the dreaded link:
Susan Rice didn't actually lie on Meet the Press about Benghazi, as shown in an in-depth report on the incident, but I'll pretend that she did so I can launch an attack on her most recent appearance. I'm going to attack her because she said we shouldn't think about invading Syria as others have. I'm going to condemn her for not naming names -- because she can't! -- and I'm going to forget that there isn't a crisis that John McCain and Lindsey Graham can't jump up and down and say that we should "keep all options on the table because Obama is weak and naive!" Then I'm going to condemn Barack Obama for making America look weak because we haven't threatened to use force every time some country starts to fall apart because maybe the borders were wrongly drawn across ethnic lines by wars or colonial powers. That kind of concept is too complicated for me, so I'll just blame Obama for not being willing to carry on the age-old tradition of America the World's Beat Cop, something that George W. Bush is being pilloried right and left for, leaving him the most unpopular president in recent memory. Instead, I'll blame it on the black chick because war should never be off the table! Then I'm going to cite nationalism and WWI and then say, well, it's not going to happen this time but what if?!!
Richard Cohen should be traded to the Washington Times for seven bucks and half a columnist to be named later. Or retire already.

"OK, I'll attack Obama about Syria, and you say Falluja's Obama's fault and
we should maybe invade, and Cohen will blame Susan Rice in the Post. Got it?"

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