Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Greenwald Dishes More Snowden Dirt, British Edition

Edward Snowden, evil genius?
A British cyberspace intelligence outfit, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), decided to take on Anonymous and other hacker activists by attacking Internet chat spaces using the same illegal DDoS (dedicated denial of service) attacks many of these online activists are being sent to prison for.

Not surprising. We live in an increasingly lawless world, where fat cats and government spooks break the law and go free, while small fry get the slammer. Who cares? Freedom!

James Clapper, national hero?
Note. Before Snowden, we were all conspiracy theorists if we said we
were being constantly spied on. After Snowden, we are all realists who know full well we're being constantly spied on. For this Snowden deserves the slammer. For this the spooks deserve the the full-throated praise of a grateful nation.

Super Extra Note. James Clapper has famously taken to calling journalists who release Snowden's trove of state secrets "accomplices," in spite of a long tradition -- enshrined in the Constitution -- of freedom of the press. So, one wonders, now that Glenn Greenwald is releasing new Snowden via NBC, if Clapper believes a major television network has been downgraded to a Snowden accomplice. If so, get the indictments ready, or, in the alternative, STFU.

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