Monday, February 3, 2014

Golf Tip Tuesday on Monday: The Golf Swing

(I'm having a little fun with myself at my own expense. I want to blog my golf tips on Tuesday but I usually forget, or, in this case, get ready for a Monday tee time and want to YouTube-work my game, so...)

Here's a USGA video on the golf swing, focused on what happens in the drive shot. It's very clear and applies to long and middle irons, as well.

I like that. Wish me luck.

Note. I golf so I can stop worrying about the middle class and how the GOP is always screwing us, okay? Also, when I get paired up with golfers on the course and I slowly realize they're likely conservative Republicans, I get to also notice they're, by and large, really decent human beings. And that's a good thing to be exposed to. It's kind of mind-blowing, actually.

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