Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The GOP That Couldn't Shoot Straight

We could also call them the Over-the-Capitol-Hill Gang. Whatever. The point is they're losing their grip on the "message." This message control was something that's kept them in the game:
In a new report Tuesday, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that the risk corridors program would save the federal government $8 billion. That means scrapping the program would add $8 billion to the deficit.
Of course, maybe it's just that they've conflated two of their messages. One, promulgated by Dick Cheney, that deficits don't matter, was the hallmark of the GOP in the Bush years. And, two, it's not about deficits, it's about using fear of deficits to negate anything having to do with Obama, New Deal social programs, and Great Society advances in social programs.

It was never about making sense.

"They checked the fucking math. Meet in my office in fifteen minutes!"

One thing, though, still helps them: Obama Derangement Syndrome has convinced a portion of the electorate that social programs are communist because Obama is black, born in Kenya, educated in Muslim schools, and hates white people, even his white mother and white grandparents who raised him.

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