Wednesday, February 5, 2014

All the Wonks Are Following Ezra Klein Out the Door at WaPo

Good luck, Ezra.
I've been a fan of Ezra Klein for years. I don't always agree with him -- he's sometimes surprisingly moderate -- but he makes a good case regardless. And that's good for political discourse.

He's leaving the Washington Post and WonkBlog, his baby at the Post. The paper chose not to support a new website venture Klein favored.

Not so much fun for his old paper is the fact that he's taking the rest of the WonkBlog reporters with him. He may be leaving others behind -- currently, WonkBlog no longer lists it reporters on the right side of the page, so it's hard to check. But the four who are leaving with Klein were the ones I most closely associate with Klein's old digs.

Good luck to Klein and his crew at their new digs. I'll be following them there.

PS. Hey, WaPo, a lot of my visits to you were to WonkBlog. Whatever reason you couldn't work things out with Ezra, his departure is a traffic killer, web-wise.

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