Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The GOP Does Too Worry About the Deficit!

As I just reported, the GOP plan to curb Obamacare -- one which was proposed to be used to hold the debt ceiling increase hostage to some GOP scheme to reduce the deficit -- has been shown by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office to add $8 billion to the deficit.

I suspect they might stop pushing that idea. But that doesn't mean they aren't still searching for monkey wrenches to throw into the works:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Congressional Republicans are aiming for deficit-reduction steps as part of any deal to raise the nation's debt limit but have not decided on a strategy yet, House Speaker John Boehner said on Tuesday.
Boehner also said House Republicans need to tackle jobs and the overall economy as part of any deal to raise the debt ceiling.
The GOP need to get a handle on this thing. I wonder, though, if their next idea will also end up adding to the deficit. Wait. Maybe they can come up with legislation to create jobs and improve the economy that won't cost any money! GOPers for the win!

Note. One thing that makes their sales job a bit more difficult is that deficits continue to sink like a stone under Obama:
Washington — The United States is expected to post solid economic growth of more than 3.0 percent through 2016, accompanied by a shrinking deficit, a government agency said Tuesday.
The Congressional Budget Office, the nonpartisan analysis arm of Congress, said in its latest report that the federal government's tax and spending policies would not constrain economic growth as much as they had in fiscal 2013, which ended September 30.
And state and local governments were expected to increase spending after several years of budget tightening, the CBO said.
In its economic and budget outlook report for 2014 to 2024, the CBO predicted growth in gross domestic product (GDP) at 3.1 percent this year and 3.4 percent in 2015 and 2016.
C'mon, GOP. Surely you have some ideas that can restrain economic growth and drive the deficits back up. C'mon, get back in the game!

Put Michelle on it. She's good with whacky ideas...

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