Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kansas to Teachers and Parents: Let's Get Physical!

Moving into the 21st century at the speed of Kansas...

Kids are too soft these days, and parents have forgotten how to discipline their children by spanking the tar out of them. But the Kansas House of Representatives aims to fix that:
Corporal punishment is defined under the bill as using one’s palm to strike the clothed buttocks of child up to 10 times and using reasonable physical force to restrain the child. The bill acknowledges that this may lead to bruising.
McPherson deputy county attorney Britt Colle, who authored the bill, said media reports haven’t accurately depicted the purpose of the legislation.
“I think they’re looking at the wrong thing here,” Colle said. “This is really an issue of clarifying what the law is, and by that, it also clarifies what’s against the law.”
Colle said he has worked as a lawyer for more than 20 years and handled many cases that involved parents hitting children. The bill, he said, aims to set a clear standard for police, prosecutors, parents and judges to follow in terms of what is acceptable discipline. The bill draws the line at spanking a clothed child, while excluding anything that involves hitting the child elsewhere on his or her body, using a fist against a child, a belt, or other object, Colle said.
“For years, law enforcement has been kind of going back and forth” on child discipline cases, he said.
The bill also says that other legal guardians and step-parents of children can spank a child, and school personnel and other people can, too, if they obtain written permission from the child’s parents. Spanking may be used on children up to age 18, or older, if the child is still enrolled in high school, the bill says.
Kansas is just set on moving backwards in time, isn't it? But it begs the question: "Who would Jesus spank?" Kids up to age 18, I guess...

God so loved the world that He spanked kids until age 18.

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