Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What!? Americans Support the Healthcare Law?

Now I've seen everything. Nearly every day I spend some time tracking down the nonsense that the Koch brothers are delivering on behalf of their Republican clients, that "everyone KNOWS that Obamacare is a disaster" and horrible for everyone. Except that, increasingly, it turns out that it isn't. Who knew?

Apparently the American people. So reports Greg Sargent over at the WaPo Plum Line blog:
Obamacare is a disaster for Democrats, and a certain winner for Republicans. That’s what we keep hearing, anyway.
So why does it look as if the percentage of Americans who favor repeal may have actually shrunk since its rollout problems began?
That’s what the February tracking poll for the Kaiser Family Foundation suggests. To be sure, the new poll finds that opinion of the law is more negative than positive: 47 percent of Americans view the law unfavorably, while 35 percent view it favorably (though opinions have improved a bit since October).
But unfavorable views have not translated into support for the GOP position of repeal; indeed the repeal position may have lost ground since the October rollout problems, while a clear majority favors keeping and improving the law.
Greg throws in a pretty impressive graphic:

...showing that 58% of Americans want to keep the bill as it is or improve it.

I wonder how long the Republicans are going to continue to run against Obamacare. Soon, it'll be "We Republicans are going to find ways to improve Obamacare, we never wanted to repeal it, for heaven's sake!"


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