Thursday, February 6, 2014

What Digby Said About The Republican Party

...As Atrios often says. Digby of Hullabaloo, after they just today filibustered the unemployment insurance extension, calls them The Immoral Party:
They are immoral bastards and if there is a hell, they are all going to it. And if there is such a thing as karma, they're coming back as the single celled creatures they really are.

I think this may be a big moment. Refusing to extend unemployment benefits, food stamp cuts, the war on Obamacare really are an escalation in the partisan wars that goes beyond "culture" or region or even race (although that still plays a big part in it.) The GOP is now positioning itself as the official "fuck you" party, not even making the slightest attempt to appear to be "Christian" or "compassionate conservatives." They're not even deploying the usual trope about "the deficit" or "living within our means."

It's all the way down to the fundamental argument now: poor people deserve what they get. And if that is hunger, sickness and death so be it.
[...] In fact, they're so twisted, they've come to believe that they can declare up is down knowing that many millions of Americans will all nod in agreement:
"I believe it is immoral for this country to have as a policy extending long-term unemployments [benefits] to people rather than us working on creation of jobs," {Rep. Pete] Sessions said. "A job is the most important attribute, I believe, in a free enterprise system."
"Creation of jobs" means giving millionaires and corporations more tax breaks, in case you were wondering.
What Digby said indeed.

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