Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Biggest Threat to America Is Right-Wing White Extremists

Are the radical right-wing extremists patriots? (Fer sure!)

Occupier at Malheur, Oregon: right-wing white extremist, armed and dangerous.

Any way you slice it, we've got a problem here.

People in cowboy hats show up at a federal wildlife refuge. Read about it here. It was designated as a refuge in 1908 by Theodore Roosevelt. It was established at the request of local Oregonians in order to protect white herons and other birds in the area that were being decimated by plume hunters for the hat trade. Feathers in hats were all the rage back then, apparently.

Enter cowboys with guns. This is where they want to make their stand. Seriously?

I don't know on whose side most Americans would fall, but the locals certainly don't like it. The local Native Americans don't like it. The local law enforcement don't like it. Hell, the guys the cowboys came to support don't even like it. I'm assuming that the federal government doesn't like it. Hell, even Ted Cruz doesn't like it, and he thinks "federal" is a dirty word. And you can be sure that bird watchers aren't thrilled.

Now the occupiers are making grumbling sounds that they'll never, ever leave and that the federal government will never, ever get their hands on this land again.

This will come to a head sooner or later. If this is political -- and, in some extremely dubious way, it is, at least among some rather marginalized groups -- then we'd hope it could be solved politically. But, with the presence of guns and cowboy hats, it's unlikely there can be a resolution without law-enforcement intervention.

How did law enforcement solve Occupy Wall Street? Ferguson? Any number of Oakland demonstrations? Campus unrest at schools like UC Davis? How will the homeless near tourist sites in San Francisco get cleared out in advance of the coming Super Bowl? Etc., etc.?

White men in cowboy hats brandishing weapons? Cowboy lives matter? Nobody else's seems to.

Simply put, law enforcement can't just drive up and clear them out with overwhelming force because the occupiers are too dangerous. Get that?

I see this getting resolved only one way. If I were in charge, I'd turn off all utilities to the facilities and put up roadblocks on any road leading in and out. I'd man them with overwhelming force. The funny thing (not funny, actually) is that you'd need roadblocks both ways, in and out, both sets heavily armed. Why? Because what will follow is likely to be heavily armed people -- not in huge numbers, but enough to represent a real threat -- coming to the occupiers' rescue. You'd need to arrest these people, too.

Slowly the occupiers would come out and accept arrest. A few would cowboy their way out on horseback and ATV. Let them go, I suppose. There would be a few hard cases that would remain no matter what, even as they starve. Of course, they'd fill social media with photos of their plight. without electricity cell phones would slowly lose battery life. Nearby cell towers could be turned off temporarily, but that might be overkill.

What would accompany this? I assume wild outrage on the right, likely among the GOP presidential candidates, on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, et al. So what?

Let the right-wing whites let their freak flag fly. Then call them out loudly for what they are: supporters of right-wing violent extremism.

Then, liberals, progressives, non-violent people everywhere, stand your ground. You know how to do that, don't you? Unarmed and unafraid.

Note. Notice how I didn't use the word Christian once. Now, think: How many of these right-wing white extremists aren't Christian? Just saying.

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