Monday, January 11, 2016

Pretty Sure Jeb! Will Not Be the Republican Nominee

In many ways, Jeb, it was just bad timing. You thought you were
playing football. Turns out the game was rollerball.

Jeb Bush began his presidential campaign promising "shock and awe." Unfortunately, the only person that was shocked and awed was Jeb Bush. I don't blame him for thinking this was his moment. The Republican voters thought differently.
PRINCETON, N.J. -- Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's image among Republicans has steadily worsened over the past 5 ½ months. His current net favorable rating of -1 (44% favorable, 45% unfavorable) among Republicans is significantly lower than his +27 (54% favorable, 27% unfavorable) rating in mid-July.
Sorry, Jeb, but you've been Galluped. Or Trumped. You can always go back to your hedge funds.

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