Saturday, January 16, 2016

OMG GOP Candidates Hammer Obama-Iran Prisoner-Swap Deal LOL

Didn't see that coming.

I bet Jason Rezaian likes the deal.

In what can only be considered a genius move by both sides -- timing a prisoner swap to coincide with the announcement of the lifting of Iran sanctions -- Iran and the U.S. have announced four Iranian-held, Iranian-Americans are being released today in a swap for seven Iranians held in U.S. custody for sanctions violations.

The failure to include release of these Iranian-Americans in the nuclear deal was bitterly condemned by the GOP candidates at the time it was originally announced. Now that this additional deal has been reached, the GOP candidates condemn this deal, for a variety of reasons. Read this Huffington Post account for details.

The genius of this move is that the prisoner release was accomplished before any sanctions were lifted or frozen assets were released, thus making all prior criticism essentially unfounded. Timing the prisoner release to coincide with the implementation approval announcement also serves to mute another round of criticism of the nuclear deal by burying it behind good news.

Finally, this agreement only highlights the new diplomatic relationship with a U.S. adversary that was formerly intractable. If I were a GOP candidate, I'd be pissed that the Obama administration had gamed me again. Doh!

Sorry if I have no sympathy for them. ROTFLMAO.

"We don't care so much anymore that Obama is a Kenyan, socialist Muslim
dictator. I'm over that. It's this being really mean to us with his sneaky
deals that we really hate," Chris Christie said, speaking on behalf of him-
self and his fellow candidates. "He makes it so hard to friggin' compete."

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