Thursday, January 28, 2016

Marco Rubio: Praise the Lord and Pass the Waterboard

In tonight's debate in Iowa, Marco Rubio pandered to the religious right. What I want to know is: Who would Jesus torture?

Nobody finds religion faster than a GOP candidate.

A week or so ago, Marco Rubio came out with an ad that said, more or less, he's on Earth to follow God's plan. A couple of weeks back at a GOP debate, he said something like "I will fight ISIS and send them to Guantanamo and find out everything they know!" I took that to mean torture. So do you, unless you're an idiot. Sorry, but let's just assume you're not an idiot.

Rubio repeated the line in tonight's debate. He also pandered to the Lord Jesus -- no, wait, he was pandering to evangelicals in Iowa, duh -- which begs the question, who would Jesus torture? I'm serious, who would Jesus torture?

I'm betting He wouldn't torture anybody. He might, however, slap Rubio upside the head once or twice for good measure.

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