Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mwhoa Boy. Cruz Is Not a Natural-Born Citizen?

Ted Cruz sure wishes now he'd made friends with the
GOP establishment. Hung out to dry, are we?

It's a bit amazing that the Washington Post finds a constitutional law professor who crafts a credible opinion denying that Ted Cruz is a natural-born citizen. It's a must-read. (Right-click on the link and choose to open in a private or incognito window if necessary to slip past the paywall).

I was convinced by the professor's opinion. Cruz's case is also weakened by documents that appear to show Cruz's mother may have signed up for Canadian voting rights. A deeper look at the document makes it (sort of) clear that those identified as living in a voting area -- meant to clarify who could vote in the coming election -- could be identified in error. Still, it muddies the waters in a controversy that might stall Ted Cruz's campaign. In any event, Ted is defending his citizenship and not promoting his issues.

There aren't a whole bunch of Republican senators jumping to Cruz's defense. McCain doesn't know if Cruz is a natural-born or not. Ha! Wish you had made some friends there now, huh, Teddy.

It will be interesting to see what follows from Professor McManamon's article. At the least it'll be kicking up some dust. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Last-minute goods and bads:

Good: Poll finds that, while 53% of Republicans are happy to believe that Obama is not a citizen, 64% of them harbor no doubt about Cruz's natural-born-citizen status.

Bad: David Brooks really goes after Ted Cruz. Is Brooks the new establishment sheriff in town?

I buy Brooks' takedown of Cruz's brutal, uncompassionate conservatism. What I don't buy is Brooks' description of a "best conservatism [that] balances support for free markets with a Judeo-Christian spirit of charity, compassion and solidarity." In which American parallel universe do those conservatives exist?

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