Thursday, January 28, 2016

OMG FOX DJT! The Battle of the Bullies

Roger Ailes has been bullying everyone on the left for years. Now Donald Trump, a bully in his own right, is calling Roger out. Double switcheroo!

Debate Fight Club: Trump somehow stole the show (literally).

As a progressive, I should be able to say I don't have a dog in this fight, but I can't. Schadenfreude is bursting out all over. Fox News getting some comeuppance? Oh yeah.

That doesn't mean I like the Donald. He's a boorish, narcissistic, bloviator who became (more) famous for yelling, "You're fired!" That phrase alone identified him as a bully. The ultimate bully move is the boss using his leverage to terminate your job. Get your belongings and severance check and fuck off.

Liking either Trump or Ailes isn't a prerequisite for enjoying this entertainment. It is luscious that Fox got Trumped in the way only Trump is currently capable of. Politicians don't always tell the truth; it's not in the job description. But, until now, they generally play by the rules as they exist in PoliticsLand. Trump isn't a politician and didn't get the memo. So he does what he does best: Blow up the process and not just pick up the pieces. He burns them to a crisp and moves to the next outrage. All I can say is wow. Wow.

Trump has already won -- uh, this round. He's been winning a lot of them. The battle, yes, won. The war? Who knows. But wow.

Oh, BTW: The double switcheroo I'm referring to is the right-wing bully, Ailes, being punked by a Republican candidate that may or may not be right-wing. We simply don't know what's in Trump's heart. How could we know?

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