Friday, January 22, 2016

OMG Conservatives ARE Self-Destructing Over Trump

Conservatives liked their world until it was invaded by...conservatives!

Imagine conservatives uniting to make themselves irrelevant. Uh, they just did.

I guess I'm supposed to feel happy happy now, and I suppose I do. But when crazy takes over a political party, even one as reductionist as the Republicans, it's hard keep one's balance.

Okay, what's going on?
  • The National Review decided to unite behind an anyone-but-Trump stance, getting ALL KINDS OF CONSERVATIVES to turn against Trump and state it openly in its magazine. (Above is the cover of said magazine.) In fact, they devoted a whole issue to its denunciation of the leading GOP candidate for president.
  • The RNC, miffed by the action, has booted the national Review from its role in the Feb. 25th GOP debate.
  • The Weekly Standard, not to be outdone, just published an article dumping on Trump and warning the conservative hordes that their chances for 2016 are slipping away -- unless they get wise and choose Cruz or Rubio, in that order.
  • No links here, just a recommendation that you scour WaPo and NYTimes and such for the myriad of OMGtheskyisfalling articles about the current Republican mess. Everybody on the red side of the debate looks to be in panic mode. (Okay here's one example.)
The Democrats are not without their problems. Hillary Clinton is attacking Bernie Sanders, not because he's wrong on the issues but because he'll never get his policies approved by a Republican congress. And Obama can? Or Clinton can? But face it, you draw distinctions where you can. Hillary wants to win, so at some point you attack. Iowa is, after all, just over a week away. Yikes!

Hey Donald, you know this isn't just a one-off deal, right? Right?

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