Friday, January 15, 2016

Of Course We Noticed: The GOP Is Gaga for Guns

Does anyone suspect that this is not healthy?

The new American way, same as the old?

Remind me again how guns make us safer? Also, the GOP has gone nutsoid over guns. Which is weird if for no other reason that people prefer more gun control, not less.

So, what's going on here? It doesn't take much analysis to conclude that the Republican candidates are not talking to Americans per se, they're talking to or assume they're talking to a narrow subset of conservative-base voters they think they need to win the nomination. Also, too, maybe the candidates think constantly throwing a bone to the NRA is prudent.

Who knows? But I was fascinated by a study that shows that conservatives have a "negativity bias," which essentially means have a strong reaction -- biologically -- to threatening or disgusting images. The study suggests that while this negativity bias might have helped humans to survive the Pleistocene Epoch, it may not be as vital in today's world where we less likely to get eaten alive.

If you think I just called gun-lovin' card-carryin' conservatives high-strung neurotics, you'd be right. Now, before you get angry, please note that I've had more than my share of incredibly neurotic left-wing friends. Their neuroses are just a lot more fun and less dangerous. Example: How many gun owners have shot themselves or their family members by accident? Second example: How many marijuana users have O.D.'d on pot?

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