Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hey, Americans: How Many Assault Rifles Do You Want in Your Neighborhood? How Many?

This AR-15 isn't a fantasy. This is the gun that's often used in mass shootings. It was
used in Paris, it was used in San Bernadino. How many do you want next door? How
many down the street? How many in your parent's town? How many near your kids?

President Barack Obama wants to expand background checks. Up to 93 percent of Americans support background checks, and yet every single Republican presidential candidate condemned his initiative, and none of them proposed a way of their own to expand background checks.

And yet no one, even President Obama, is currently saying, hey, let's not have assault rifles available for use in the United States of America. Here's another thing to consider:

This is a hundred-round magazine on an AR-15 assault rifle.

100-round magazines are available in the U.S.A. How many of these do you want next door? Down the street? There was an attempt to ban these types of magazines after Aurora, Colorado, after Sandy Hook, Connecticut. But it was shot down by the NRA and the Republican Party.

Why do Americans tolerate this situation? Beats the hell out of me. Don't elect people who won't do your bidding. If you wait, saying "it won't happen to me," well, maybe you're right. But it will happen to someone. It always does. How many Americans do you want to watch die because of the gun lobby and its staunch supporters, the Republican Party? When will it be enough?

Note. Assault rifles used to be banned. When the ban expired in 2004, the NRA and the GOP has kept it from being renewed. Barack Obama is in favor of reinstituting the ban.

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