Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Just How Bad the Bastards Are: Even GM Didn't Want Flint River Water in Oct. 2014

Michigan Governor Rick Snider: You mournful motherfucker, you've got to go.

Even General Motors didn't want Flint River water in October, 2014 because of the corrosives in it.
FLINT, MI -- Chloride levels in treated Flint River water are so high that General Motors will no longer use it at its engine plant here because of fears it will cause corrosion.0
GM spokesman Tom Wickham said Monday, Oct. 13, that the company has reached a temporary agreement to buy Lake Huron water from Flint Township for Flint Engine Operations on West Bristol Road.
Under the agreement, the plant will return as a Flint water customer after the city switches back to using Lake Huron water -- after the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline is completed -- something that's not expected to happen until the end of 2016.
Just so you know, General Motors loved lead in gasoline a long time ago:
"Lead was introduced into gasoline as tetraethyl lead by General Motors," Rosner said, "the people that brought you Flint, Michigan." Meaning the city: Flint was home to GM at its inception. When the company created a new type of fuel that burned lead, it had a new advantage over its competitors at Ford. It was only the newest way in which the industry relied on lead in manufacturing its product.
Special place in Hell for these bastards. Since Hell doesn't exist, then that place had better be found on Earth. Pricks. Pricks.

Special note. I've noticed that most networks, especially CBS, miss that Flint, Michigan was being run by a state-appointed financial manager -- appointed by Gov. Rick Snider -- during this whole time when the switch from safe Detroit water to Flint River water was decided. So when you hear some reporter say "The city decided this..." or "Then the city decided that..." they're referring to the decisions dictated by the state of Michigan. Deep, dark fucking bastards.

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