Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obama Wants Background Checks on More Gun Sales. Republican Heads Explode. WTF?

I hate it when they make me register my cars. Freakin' libtards!

I have never understood why gun proponents freak out about background checks. What's the deal? I get that any limitation on my right to own a gun is a slippery slope leading to Obama taking all our guns away so no compromise! But then that's crazy talk. Not only that, but the vast of majority of Americans agree. Background checks make sense.

Compare it with cars. "I love going to car shows and buying a whole bunch of cars and then never registering them. I keep a bunch of cars locked in my garage, except I forgot to lock one up one time and my four-year-old was playing driver-driver and ran over my three-year-old and killed her. And now they expect all of us to register our cars and not let our kids drive them! Fascists!"

Yes, the above doesn't make a bit of sense. Another example: What if the Sandy Hook tragedy was Adam Lanza's mom bought him a big bus and he ran over twenty kids and six teachers at a school bus stop?

"Now they're saying we can't own buses! What don't they get?? Buses don't kill people, people kill people! I should be able to buy buses without a background check. We should just make some system -- without background checks, of course -- that will keep buses out of the hands of the mentally ill. Don't take our buses away just because a crazy person wastes a bunch of first-graders every once in a while."

I'm making complete sense, by the way.

Let's see if the GOP candidates are making sense. Just a reminder: Barack Obama is deciding to move the gray line of what constitutes a real gun dealer who sells guns for a living and a hobbyist who might sell a gun occasionally from his collection. Obama wants to set the line so it includes people who regularly sell guns at shows and does so to make money but pretends he's a hobbyist so he doesn't have to do background checks. That's all he wants: more background checks, less hazy middle zone in the gun trade.

Carly Fiorina:
“President Obama has been a lawless president in his use of executive orders, whether those executive orders are around immigration or whether those executive orders are around gun control. And it is delusional, dangerous, not to mention unconstitutional for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to continue to talk about climate change and gun control in the wake of a Paris terrorist attack, a San Bernardino terrorist attack, instead of talking about a plan to defeat ISIS.”
Sounding a little unhinged, Carly. "It's delusional, dangerous, not to mention unconstitutional for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to continue to talk about climate change and gun control in the wake of a Paris terrorist attack..." Really, Carly? It's unconstitutional to talk about climate change after Paris? Somebody forgot to take her meds.

Let's find someone else less hysterical. OK, Donald Trump:
"There’s an assault on the Second Amendment. You know Obama’s going to do an executive order and really knock the hell out of it. You know, the system’s supposed to be, you get the Democrats, you get the Republicans, and you make deals. He can’t do that. He can’t do that. So he’s going to sign another executive order having to do with the Second Amendment, having to do with guns. I will veto. I will unsign that so fast."
Yikes! Hold your horses, Donald. First, Obama wants more background checks is all. Yes, he can do that, tighten the enforcement of rules already on the books, just clarifying who is a gun dealer and who isn't. But you will veto (what?), you will unsign that so fast. You're proving Obama's point. If you as president have the power to strike down Obama's executive order, altering law enforcement, then he had to power to issue an order altering law enforcement. You can't have it both ways.

Chris Christie:
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Sunday called President Barack Obama "a petulant child" for using executive action to curb gun violence.
"The American people have rejected his agenda by turning both the House and the Senate over to the Republicans, and going from 21 governors when he came into office, to 31 Republican governors now. Now this president wants to act as if he is a king, as if he is a dictator," Christie told Fox News' Chris Wallace.
No, Christie, Obama wants to act like the head of the executive branch, charged with enforcing the law. You as a former prosecutor ought to know that. "Petulant child." Are you serious?

Jeb Bush:
“His first impulse always is to take rights away from law-abiding citizens, and it’s wrong,” Bush said. “And to use executive powers he doesn’t have is a pattern that is quite dangerous.”
What right is he taking away from law-abiding citizens? Sheesh. Anyway, with the GOP candidates, it goes on and on.

We average 30,000 gun deaths a year in this Greatest Country on Earth. That's horrifying, and it's unacceptable. To me, that makes the Republican Party unacceptable.

About background checks:
Consistently, at least 70 percent of Americans said they favor background checks. Often, far more do. In October, a CBS News/New York Times poll found that 92 percent of Americans — including 87 percent of Republicans — favor background checks for all gun buyers.
Why the freak-out about background checks if almost everyone supports them? There's something toxic about that. It doesn't speak well about the GOP.


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