Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I Don't Own Any Guns. But Because of Obama, Maybe I Should Buy Twenty!

Because of Obama, I'm headed to a gun show. I've got a big trunk! Also, I'm a really brave guy who doesn't want to be outgunned.

Next step: Figure out which Republican candidate in local, state, and federal government I can support because they want more guns, too. Then I'm going to vote twice for them because we're all so tough. (I admit this part is going to be difficult because I live in a liberal town in a liberal county in liberal Northern California. So maybe I need to move to Bakersfield.)

Then, I'm going to buy a pickup truck and take my guns and go to a bird sanctuary and stand around and act tough and all because I'm a patriot. I especially like being an armed patriot who loves his country and proves it by occupying my country's land, especially freezing remote parts where there are birds, except in winter like now.

Sounds good to me. Oh, also, if Trump becomes president, guns will be YUGE in this country!

Or I could move to Texas and hang with these guys.

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