Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When People Leave the Cap Off the Stupid Tube...

...all kinds of crazy shit's gonna get squeezed out. Examples:

Mike Huckabee sabotages the RNC's rollout of its brilliant shortened 2016 campaign strategy best described as "Now you see 'em, now you don't!" But to the tape:

Speaking of stupid tubes, David Gregory uses Meet the Press to gin up a controversy by asking Rand Paul about Bill Clinton's well-known tryst with Monica Lewinsky as if it's a valid topic for today's politics or an issue for 2016:

Rand Paul, philosopher king and our watchman of la morale moderne. Lead on, King Rand!

And now for something completely not different: I had forgotten what a central figure Bristol Palin was in our political monologue dialogue until she weighed in on the made-up bullshit burgeoning controversy about the blurring of facts in Wendy Davis' biography. Read Bristol's blog here to see how to embroil yourself in a non-controversy. Surely there's a fact-checker out there putting Wendy Davis through her paces. Honestly and not to rise to Davis' defense, but this "blurring" of the facts is thin gruel; Davis didn't lie, she just made herself out to be more heroic in her rags-to-riches story. The "came from humble origins to single mom to Harvard law to Texas state senator" story basically holds up. Bristol Palin's "my boyfriend banged me in high school and knocked me up so we got engaged and then broke up after Mom lost the 2008 election for McCain because I couldn't have a baby without ruining Mom's chances look how much money my Mom made anyway so screw Levi Johnston oops I already did who cares I have a TV show and a new boyfriend" narrative isn't so heroic either. I'll take Wendy Davis, thank you.

Beautiful family brief shack-up, and now great father ex-boyfriend Levi
loses custody last week of Tripp. (And he doesn't even have a reality show!)

Others who have a stake in taking Wendy Davis down have also weighed in, but Bristol is the perfect criticizer, so I went with her. Bristol for the win! BTW, Bristol blogs on patheos, which claims to be "Hosting the Conversation on Faith." Let us pray: Dear Jesus, make these people shut up. In Christ's Name, Amen.

Final note on the Wendy Davis bio controversy: The article in the Dallas Morning News that spawned it tells a pretty straight-up story. Read the whole thing. Davis had a hard life, which got harder as a teen parent, but she pulled herself up with help from others. She has succeeded so far, and if she were a man, none of this, NONE OF THIS, would amount to a hill of beans, as a Texan might say.

On another note: Sean Hannity decides to double-down on Mike Huckabee's insane-o-gram to women by beating up on one on his radio show yesterday. He pointedly didn't allow his guest to make the point that some women can afford birth control, and some can't. The "free" birth control is preventive health care that insurance companies are happy to provide. Obamacare simply makes it official government policy to mandate something that insurance companies -- and most women and men in the U.S. -- totally support. Insurance companies love when you don't smoke; they love when you don't get pregnant. Both behaviors cost insurance companies money.

Slate's Amanda Marcotte points out quite brilliantly that it's just a question of terms. Hannity offers, snidely, an "adopt-a-woman" program to provide women their contraception. Sure, why not, suggests Marcotte. We could call it health insurance or, if you will, Obamacare. Sure, Hannity, why the hell not?

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