Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowden's Accomplices?

You know this man is not lying, whenever you see his lips aren't moving.

I heard James Clapper -- one of many unindicted felons in the government -- call the journalists who have Edward Snowden as a source "accomplices." It was on the CBS Evening News, who, whether they know it or not, by reporting Clapper's comments without comment are themselves accomplices in the state-sponsored deception that is James Clapper whenever he opens his mouth.

For shame, CBS. I watch you to know how shabby you are, not to be enlightened.

Slate's Josh Voorhees caught Clapper's claptrap, too. Money graph:
Wonder What Glenn Has to Say About That: Greenwald: "Is it now the official view of the Obama administration that these journalists and media outlets are "accomplices" in what they regard as Snowden's crimes? If so, that is a rather stunning and extremist statement. Is there any other possible interpretation of Clapper's remarks?"
Now, I tend to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt because he's at the mercy of entrenched bureaucracies. But if the president lets this shit go on much longer, it doesn't matter what I think. The world at large and America at small will judge him harshly.

We voted Barack Obama in as president in 2008 because he was the anti-Bush, in more ways than one. I'd now say his presidency can be -- and will be, by historians -- described as the incredibly shrinking anti-Bush presidency.

Just scouting around, I didn't see many reactions to Clapper's high-tonnage tongue wagging. His is a dense kind of deception. His world is spy craft, where you steal the truth and sell the lie. If you can get people to buy your bullshit, it's effective misinformation. When you do that to the American people -- from his position -- it's treason. What he's done by such reckless rhetoric is only make Edward Snowden appear that much more heroic. Even Clapper's colleagues should tell him to shut his trap. He's not helping anyone, especially the spy service, and most definitely not himself.

Mr. President, get rid of this jerk, he's not good for you -- or anyone.

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