Friday, January 17, 2014

Chris Christie Is Not a Bad Man, He's Just a Jersey Pol

Chris Christie: He knows how to do Jersey, right, meathead?

Not that Texas grows our best presidents. It gave us Lyndon B. Johnson and George W. Bush. (One was complicated, and the other was, well, not complicated.) And, frankly, I don't know that we haven't had a Jersey president. I'll look into it. (Correction: W. was not a Texas president. I forgot he faked that.)

The germane question is, though, do we want a "who you freakin' look at, jerkface?" kind of president?

I'm just sayin'. Chris Christie may know "how to get things done," and he may not be a bad man. And Barack Obama might not be the most stirring commander-in-chief we've ever had. But he's got John Kerry on the job concerning Iran, and we've got the first stirrings of what might be a series of agreements that will back us away from the brink of war with a nuclear state. Instead, we might get a non-nuclear state and no war.

Maybe all Chris Christie said was, "Fuck Ft. Lee," and in a Jersey context that might be business as usual, though too raw a glimpse of it has, for now, soured us on the way they do business. But a President Chris Christie's policy position just might be, "Fuck Iran." That worries me, and should worry you.

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