Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Night Music

Back in 1958, a skinny little kid was inseparable from his six-transistor radio, which he carried around his country town of Broomfield, Colorado. A song caught his ear, "All I Have to Do Is Dream," by the Everly Brothers. Of course, I was that skinny kid, and I made my mom drive me to Boulder to buy it. It was the first 45 I every bought, in fact the first recording I ever laid down hard cash for (maybe 79 cents?).

We lost Phil Everly, the high-harmony part of the duo, today. He was 74. I long since realized that the Everly Brothers were a perfect bridge from country music to rock and roll, making them true pioneers of the form, there at the beginning.

These guys were my kind of heroes. I will miss them and remember them always. All my thoughts are with Don Everly and Phil's family.

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