Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chris Christie's Biggest Problem: His Big, Brash, Bullying Style Is Finished

Chris Christie has carved out for himself a big, bold style of doing business. It's his brand. Now it's not. It's gone.

It doesn't matter how this bridge scandal works out over time. What does matter is that Christie's big, brash, loud, what-part-of-get-out-of-my-freaking-face-don't-you-understand way of moving through the world is over. Over.

His caché ends now. What takes its place I wouldn't hazard a guess. But what gave Christie his power, his sway, needs replacing, and that can't be good. He's like a running back whose legs have played out, a slugger who can't hit the fastball anymore.

Chris Christie 2016: In your heart you know he's not a bully. Not the best political slogan.

Chris Christie yesterday. Today? Not so much.

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