Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Wind Twists in Chris Christie

Poor boy, got lied to. Didn't know anything, still doesn't really know anything. Didn't talk to the people who he fired, still fired them anyway. He's disappointed, he's humiliated, he's embarrassed, he's sad, at some point, he doesn't know when, he'll also be angry. About what? Being lied to. About what? Something that happened in Ft. Lee. Exactly who did what? He doesn't say, probably because he didn't ask and nobody told him until yesterday when someone told him about emails on a website. But he takes full responsibility about whatever happened on the George Washington Bridge. What was that? How can he know, but he was betrayed. By whom? His deputy chief-of-staff, so he fired her. For what? He doesn't say because he didn't talk to her. Why? He doesn't say. But he's sad.

Presidential? Timber!!

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