Thursday, January 23, 2014

Golf Tip Tuesday on Thursday (oh well): Why Learning the Chip Shot Is Hard

My chipping sucks, though it's getting better. While getting ready to do well today (I'm hitting the links soon), I went to review some YouTube advice. I revisited this Hank Haney vid:

Simple enough, right? Well, let's look at the Phil Mickleson approach I've been trying lately:

Thanks a lot, Phil. You don't do it like Haney at all, but you say the "only way to chip" is the hinge-and-hold. Great. How does Tiger do it?

Very much a hinge-and-holder. A little different from Mickleson, but not much. Finally, here's how Butch Harmon does it, explained by someone who isn't Butch Harmon:

Good clean shot. I like the form. It's hinge-and-hold, but more like Haney's in that there's more ball-time on the ground than in the air.

Still, it's hinge-and-hold 3, Hank Haney stiff wrist 1. I have more control with Haney's method but I often roll past the hole. Hinge-and-hold gives me a chance to flop-and-stop, but I too often blade the ball or drive the club into the turf. I can't control my elevation with the hinge-and-hold. But the Butch Harmon method looks promising. Its compactness looks more controllable. I'm trying it out today. The secret? Lean forward. Hey, that's MSNBC's slogan. It's a better golf tip than political slogan.

Wish me luck!

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