Friday, January 24, 2014

Mike Huckabee Takes One for the Team, or...

First, let's go to the tape:

Okay, fair enough, Mike. Can I point out a few things to you, though? First, how many women are going to fall for this crap? Second, because, you know, it's crap. How so? The government is not giving women free birth control, the insurance companies are. Third, the insurance companies love doing this. It cuts down on pregnancies, so they save money. Fourth, that's what this is about in a nutshell.

Now, Huckabee's play here is to get women to stand up and say, "Yeah, I don't need birth control because I'm not going to have sex! And if I do have sex, then I'll have babies! And that's it, I want more babies because that's what I do! Especially if my husband or boyfriend wants to have sex, which I'm afraid is pretty often, doggone it."

See the problem here, Mike? Do you? The Republican message to women, as far as you personally have chosen to frame it, is have less sex, but if you do, have babies.

How that reverses the so-called Republican War on Women, I'm not sure. Maybe you're just taking one for the team, you know, being the whacko so a real Republican candidate doesn't have to.

Or, it's possible that you're just trying to raise money from the whacko community because what you really are, as so many retired governors seem to be, is a grifter, making a buck with what you think is a sure-fire method. But, of course, that can't be true.

One thing is for sure, Mike. You did say some weird things about a woman's libido, and some people will send you money because of it -- a dead giveaway was your fundraising email the next day -- and you will keep this money because you're not really running for president because no way in a million years are you going to become president because, among other reasons, the work is hard and the money sucks. You can maintain a much more sustainable money stream by saying whacky things. And the great part is, you don't actually have to do anything to earn it. You just need to say whacky things!

But you already knew that. Well played, sir.

Huckabee's women hate birth control and breaking nails.

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