Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trump Tweets, but What Happens When the World Finally Starts Saying Meh?

It's going to happen.

Eventually President Trumputin is going to get the meh treatment. Poor fucker.

Think about it. For now, Trump tweets, GM jumps, the stock market clobbers GM, investors realize there's probably no there there, and GM stock goes back up. Trump gets cred he doesn't deserve from the media that can barely understand what's going on. Rinse and repeat.

Foreign policy tweets? Trump blasts China, China goes "Calm down, capitalist who cannot manage normal relations." Media goes "TRUMP GETS TOUGH WITH CHINA!" Trump spokesperson goes "Trump didn't really mean it that way..." Rinse and repeat.

But eventually.............Trump will tweet, and the world will go "meh." And the media will go "MEH!" for a while and then start going "meh." Rinse and no repeat.

Then articles will be written entitled "Has Trump's Twitter Lost Its Mojo?" and "Trump Tweets and the World Yawns" and "Trump Fires Tweets and the World No Longer Ducks." It'll be sad, fun!, infuriating (for Trump).

Hey People: Start saying meh now. Let's practice.



That was easy.

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