Monday, January 2, 2017

Trump Is Anti-Sustainability. Being Anti-Trump Is a Moral Imperative.

We had eight years of anti-science under Bush and eight years of anti-science under Obama -- not his fault! -- and Trump threatens to offer us more of the same. Sorry, no more time. We are full out against you, President Trumputin.

one world, one time = just this once.

I'll leave the Rapture to the Rapture freaks. That's not my universe or my beef. Agnostic is as agnostic does. And that's take a reasoned look.

NPR had a good series this past week that looked at the universe, with a different slant each day. One of those slants was "Is the Universe Infinite?" And the answer is yes, we think so. We can only see so much of the Universe, and thus there's a point where we can see no more, but what we can observe doesn't indicate that it ever ends.

But an infinite Universe doesn't mean we and the Earth go on forever. (Also, infinite doesn't equate with eternal.) At some point, the Sun shuts down. During or before that, so does the Earth. We have limited time as well as limited resources.

There's a reason life started -- or at least has been sustained -- on Earth. It's because the conditions for life, within fairly strict parameters, existed.

I used to use a picture of Beijing for this point. Now Delhi, India, does just fine.

If we crap up the nest, life gets strained. We crap it up enough, life ends. We're on a collision course in that regard.

Donald Trump is allied with the science deniers, on issues including but not limited to climate change. In fact, he is aligned with those that want to roll back progress to permit more, not fewer, behaviors that threaten our future as a species, not to mention threats to all life.

Don't wait a minute to do your best to influence which direction we go. We must move toward a sustainable Earth. For now, that means fighting Donald Trump and his gang, to the last ditch.

CO2 increase isn't happening, it's HAPPENING.

Stay focused, people. Do something, however small, everyday.

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