Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Donald Trump's Presser a Yuuge Disaster, with One Glaring Deception (Plus Many Small Ones)

The president-elect claimed his lawyer had never been to Prague. This may be true, but how he refuted the claim is nonsense, and he should know better.

I don't write about this today to give credence to the document that Buzzfeed published that claims that Russia and Donald Trump are "mobbed up" and that Russia has real dirt on the grab-them-by-the-pussy president-elect. If any of the allegations are proven in the report, Donald Trump has serious problems moving forward.

I do, however, want to point out that Trump's attempt and that of a lawyer referenced in the report to claim that his passport shows that he's never been to Prague is pure nonsense and anyone who's traveled in the European Union extensively should know that.

I've been to Prague, and my passport has no evidence of it. Why? It's simply because I entered the EU at Berlin where my passport was stamped. When I entered the Czech Republic and disembarked from a train at Prague, my passport was not stamped because I was already in the EU. There are free borders between EU countries for both EU nationals and foreign visitors. 

So that's a knuckleheaded claim. Why make it? Something to hide? I don't know.

Also, the claim made during the press conference by the lawyer Trump hired to create a "trust" run by Trump's sons that prevents Trump from having conflicts of interest  is pure nonsense. The "trust" does no such thing. We'll be hearing plenty about that in the future, be assured.

Also, Trump's refusal to take questions from the CNN reporter, Jim Acosta because CNN is a "fake news site" is grotesque in the extreme and bodes ill for the relationship with the press during his administration.

Finally, he as good as declared war against the intelligence services, including the FBI, during the presser. Russia must be very happy to see the U.S. in such disarray.

It's a sad day, seeing America, and its institutions, crumble before our very eyes. And Trump marches on as if he carried the day. Maybe he did. It's up to the press to stop him. (The courts might help here, as well.)

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