Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Trumputin Administration: From Russia with Love?

Now that Putin has helped put Trump in power, NBC could offer a new Trump-produced reality-TV show called Celebrity Dictator. Instead of "You're fired!" the contestant is told "You're poisoned!"

Donald Trump: Putin's beast of burden?

A definitive report was finally released yesterday, explaining how a propaganda-dirty tricks cyber-campaign, undertaken at the behest of Vladimir Putin, managed to drive a very effective, multi-pronged effort -- aided and abetted by Trump himself -- against Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump and his gang who couldn't lie straight denied, denied, denied, and yes, essentially launched a misinformation/misdirection campaign against the report, trying and failing to get around the undeniable fact that this monstrosity of an administration has no legitimacy at all.

Say what they will, the bottom line is: Nobody thought Donald Trump could win -- including the candidate himself! -- and yet he did. How? Here's the equation of unlikely victory:
Russian intervention + Comey mischief + Trump's incessant use of material supplied by the Russian hack = Trump unbelievably wins!
Donald "grab them by the pussy" Trump will, yes, get sworn in as president of the United States but will never be legitimate, not even close. His is The Putin-Stained Freak Show, brought to you its sponsor, the super-drug Propagantin*.

*some side-effects include the complete corruption of American democracy, the election of garish, grotesque candidates that make Ted Cruz look good!, and an endless stream of wacky, narcissistic, middle-school tweets, some of which are followed by even more tweets that say "I never said that!" and "The Dems are so low!" and "The dishonest media refuses to quote me properly when I say I'm paying for the Wall but Mexico will eventually pay for it, that I can tell you."

For total effectiveness, Propagantin must be taken while watching the Sean Hannity show, as a tinpot dictator laughs behind your back.

America used to be the "exceptional" country. Now it's the "exceptionally stupid" country. We're going to have to live with it for a while, even if it kills us. A grim thought.

I wonder where Trump got his material...

Sheesh. Gives new meaning to the phrase, "In America, anybody can grow up to be president!"*

*growing up not included

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