Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Thought So, Too: Trump's Tweets Show He's Weak

I noticed a characteristic of Trump's Twitter: He's generally whining. Dude, that's not attractive.

Someone photoshopped this image of Trump not to denigrate him but
to characterize him. His behavior cries out to be busted.

One general view about Trump's Twitter tantrums is that they'll stop after he becomes president. For those of us who are annoyed by his daily dollops of nasty bully-bully, it might be welcome if he did. On the other hand, those who think he shows his absolute worst side might want his twittering to continue. Keep it, up, crybaby! (BTW, he has a good side?)

Eugene Robinson now buttresses my view that Trump's lack of sweetness in his tweetness demonstrates weakness. Yes, they're a distraction from real bad stuff, but they serve a perverse purpose:
Are there more important things to think and write about than Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum? Yes and no. Trump threatens to snatch health insurance coverage from millions, enact huge tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, reverse progress against climate change, destabilize the Western alliance, pick fights with China while cuddling up to Russia — the big-issues list is long and frightening. But I believe it would be foolish not to examine the personality and the psychological makeup of the man who will soon be in the White House.
My view, then, is that we cannot ignore his vitriolic tweet storms. No, we should not let them distract us from other news about the incoming administration. But the Twitter rants offer a glimpse into Trump’s psyche, and it’s not pretty.
I've pointed out the embarrassing nature of Trump's behavior, Twitter included. I used to be proud to be an American, even when events transpiring around me -- Vietnam included -- made America look bad. I could still look good, I maintained, but standing strong against the destructive defects in our national character. Probably rationalization, but getting all First Amendment about it did demonstrate the underlying strength of our Constitution.

Sure, Trump's simply exerting his free-speech rights, but does he have to sound like a simpering simpleton? The answer -- Why, yes, he does! -- does more to weaken him than to build him up.

So, I'll take it. You can't move your approval ratings, Your Trumpness, over 50% if most people think you're acting like a dick.

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