Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How Trump's "Voter Fraud Investigation" Nonsense Works: Misdirecting to Craft a Lie

With Trump, it doesn't matter if he investigates or not (he likely won't, he's generally all talk) because it will be a MASSIVE INVESTIGATION (even though it won't). Rubes satisfied, move on, folks, nothing to see here.

What's the next thing a narcissist would do? Oh, yeah, always be self-aggrandizing.

The notion that there is a right and a wrong thing to do has long ceased to be the way Donald Trump operates. What serves his best self-interests is the measure of whether to do or say a thing. Add a touch of paranoia, a deeply ingrained bullying streak, and mix in a near fatal dose of NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), and the resulting bitch's brew can be quite toxic, especially to the truth.

Thank God Donald Trump is not interested in the truth. So we get the feint, the dodge, the head fake, but because he's Trump it has to be, you guessed it, YUGE.

Ari Melber has this exactly right. Trump and his spokesman, Sean Spicer, are tasking this grand investigation not to find the truth -- the truth is there is no voter fraud -- but to obscure Trump's utter defeat by Hillary Clinton in the popular vote. He can't stand it, so he powers up the BIG LIE, which is he's going to get to the bottom of it.

Remember, though, there is no bottom to get to, no fraud to root out, so all that's left is the effort to disinform and obscure, to make a display for the purposes of deceiving the American people -- especially his rubes -- to hide his own failings, his deep-seated feelings of inferiority. Remember, too, that it's possible that no sort of real investigation will take place. In a few days maybe he'll/we'll have forgotten it as Trump moves to the next important news cycle to bamboozle.

He won't be the first autocrat to behave in this manner, but he's sure the most dangerous recent one our country and our democracy has had to face. But what's most destructive about it is that the American president's greatest strength has been his word, his bond. Now both the president and his spokesman can't be trusted, for even a day. In the international sphere, who makes deals with such a regime? Our allies? Our enemies? Who can trust us as a country?

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