Friday, April 17, 2015

White Men Can't Jump, but They Sure Can Run

Let's face it, Marco Rubio is white. You know, like white.

Okay, maybe Bobby Jindal will run and add some darkness to the GOP field for 2016. And Ben Carson acts like a candidate, but he's not announced yet. So there's hope for a black Republican candidate not as crazy as Herman 9-9-9 Cain. Wait, somebody is actually crazier. Run, Ben, Run!

But for now it's a white, white world 'o' men out there in Republican Land, while it's pretty womany over in the state of Democratic Feminazism, what with Hillary and everything.

Apropos of all this is a Charles Blow column in the NY Times decrying the crying eyes of white bloviaters, like Wayne LaPierre and Bill "truth is truthy, right?" O'Reilly. Obama wants to turn America all Black Muslim, and if Hillary gets her way, she'll take all the guns away from the conservative white guys (who actually have most of the guns). Oh Noes! And maybe white women will want all the rights of white guys. Double Oh Noes! And somebody might take away the right of white policemen to shoot black men at will. Triple Oh Noes! I don't even know what the horror quotient is for allowing black women the rights of white men.

But all funny business aside, we're going to spend the next 18 months examining the worst instincts of the white male psyche. After all, that's at the core of the Republican heart. And who, pray tell, is threatening that?


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