Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Arkansas Learns From Indiana: Hutchinson Won't Sign New "Religious Freedom" Bill

Whuh-oh. Asa in a corner, can't sign because MAELSTROM!

This is sorta fun. Pence caves, so must Hutchinson. Wow. Two states, two legislatures, two bills, two governors ready to sign, two OOPS!, two states embarrassed -- and frightened -- by the backlash. Two states caving. In a matter of days.

Good. Wow. Now, what happens to the other Republican states and their "religious freedom" acts? Depending on how the laws work, I see a reexamination. And a recalculation.

Oddly, this is legacy of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision. At this point, an already damaged Supreme Court is repudiated by what has just taken place in Indiana and Arkansas. How does Hobby Lobby look -- both the decision and the company -- in light of current trends?

Of course, Hobby Lobby was about birth control and hence women's freedoms. That, oddly enough, isn't as "sexy" as GLBT rights right now. But it's rooted in the religious controversies that used to fall in favor of social conservatives. Those days are gone. I wonder how the Hobby Lobby case would be decided now, in light of recent events? Hard to tell. Especially now that we know the Supremes are supremely political.

Time will tell. For now, it's fun watching conservatives squirm.

Pence says it's not about discrimination. What does he think, we're idiots? Sheesh.

Update. Greg Sargent points out in his WaPo Plum Line blog that these religious cultural battles will damage the GOP hopefuls heading into 2016. Sure. But I've got another take: As these cultural tussles continue to break against the social conservative views and those that hold them, the Republican candidates will simply lose one talking point after another. What's left when there are no more arrows in the quiver? Elect me because I'm, uh, conservative, sort of? We'll see. One thing's for sure. GOP hopefuls rail against the gays at their peril, from here on out. Oh, and Hillary's going to rope off women's issues, too. If they go after her on those, their gander is cooked.

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