Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Let the Trashing Begin

They're going to beat on me constantly anyway, might as well enjoy it!

Add to what we've been witnessing for years now with Barack Obama, let's christen the latest mental illness: Hillary Clinton Derangement Syndrome. It'll be fast and furious from now until who knows?

Maureen Dowd has been at it for as long as anyone remembers. Just one link to her for old times' sake. Mo, you'd think you didn't like Hillary or something.

Ruth Marcus, WaPo's "liberal" woman's voice, decided to bring out the snark as soon as Hillary announced. What, her campaign rollout video didn't contain an endless list of platform particulars? How rude, Hillary, how rude! Boy, you'd think maybe the political media had it out for our poor girl.

Well, then, NY Times had better get its panties in a bunch and let a liberal woman get her snark on with a funnybones attack by Gail Collins. Are you Ready for Hillary? The political media sure is.

Collins' column referenced Hillary's new love for the "everyday American." (How dare you go populist in an income-inequality election, Hillary?) So NY Times Frank Bruni can't resist Thoroughly Thrashing Hillary about those two words, before sort of admitting by the end that it's not a crazy approach.

Now the GOP clown car pulled up in New Hampshire before she could get there, and predictably the whole cast of Republican Irregulars took aim at Hillary instead of each other. What a bizarre unexpected twist! But then they'll have plenty of time to destroy each other in the weeks and months ahead.

With all this Hillary bashing and trashing, you'd think the GOP field is making progress against Clinton. You'd be wrong. The GOPers have a problem that can't be transcended by attacking a woman, one that's beating the whole field at this point.

Bonus fun video: Carly Fiorina -- the only woman "running" among GOPers -- doesn't fare well attacking Hillary. Oh snap! Woman-on-Woman crime might not be the way forward for the Republicans. Just let the boys -- and the Beltway press -- do it.

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