Monday, April 27, 2015

The GOP's Designated Hillary Hit-Woman

Carly Fiorina: Happy to do to Hillary what the boys shouldn't? She relishes it.

I wondered if the male GOP field might suffer if they were too nasty to Hillary Clinton over the coming months, with constant pounding and pounding. Bullying a lady, anyone?

Carly Fiorina has answered the call: She'd be thrilled to do it for the team, regardless that her less-than-sterling record in business and politics makes her a loooooooooongshot even for VP (but then the GOP nominated Sarah Palin, so...).

In case you're wondering why Fiorina is running -- beyond the usual hubris -- a paragraph in the WaPo article tips her hand.
Fiorina is expected to announce her underdog candidacy May 4, the day before the release of her latest book, “Rising to the Challenge: My Leadership Journey.” (Her 2006 memoir was titled “Tough Choices.” Last year, Clinton released her memoir “Hard Choices.”)
Weird. A marginal candidate for prez last go-round was Herman Cain, who, it was discovered, was also pushing a book. Hardly original, Carly. God forbid anyone should attack you. Oops, too late. Mika's on the job:

Ouch. Hope nobody finds Carly's demon sheep ad from 2010. Oops, I went and did it.

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