Sunday, April 5, 2015

Clown Car Rundown, Person the Sixth: Huckabee's Afraid of the Gay (Oh No!)

For Huckabee, one gay's too many. They'll destroy us all!

For the Huckster -- and he's earned the nickname selling biblical cancer cures through his email lists -- the gays will destroy the world one church at a time! Now, the trick here is to figure out how he can monetize fear of gays destroying churches.

Fun fact: He won seven primaries in 2008, including Iowa.

And he's still taken seriously as a GOP 2016 hopeful. After all, he quit his perch at Fox News to avoid a "conflict." That's really ethical of you, Huck, considering you're an actual grifter of the first magnitude. But then, most of the Republican candidates are. Yes, they run to monetize their political standing.

Maybe the Huckster can provide a biblical cure for "Militant Gays." Aha, that's his new angle.

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