Tuesday, April 7, 2015

George Will's Descent into Embarrassing Irrelevance

George Will and Fox go together like a horse and carriage. Just about his speed.

(h/t Atrios)

George Will's Broderesque decline into embarrassing irrelevance began long before his famous "rape victims crave their privileged status" column, not to mention his climate-change denial hooey, but since he's abandoned ABC for Fox News, wing-nuttery is his default position. Weird vocabulary like "jejune" and "tendentious" -- Will's by now quite bent erudition -- can no longer rule the day.

At Fox, George fits in, and yesterday he fit in another classic deceit. Ronald Reagan, patron saint of conservatives in search of an actual track record to praise (what does it matter that said track record sucks hard), sez our George, created one million jobs in one month back in his presidency. Right.

Er, wrong. Media Matters set us straight on that nonsense.

Found an old post of mine where His Irrelevancy implodes linguistically. Enjoy.

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