Saturday, April 11, 2015

King to Garner to Scott: The Arc of History Is Too Damn Long

Rodney King at the hands of LAPD. Would have shot him today?

The MLK quote about the arc of justice history being long but bending toward justice is unsatisfactory in so many ways, not the least of which are the continuing list of black men and boys who have to die along its length.

Eric Garner was selling loose cigarettes. A short while later he was dead.

No one was charged in the case of Eric Garner, in spite of the illegal choke hold, the lack of any attempt to save his life, or the complete lack of necessity for arresting him in such a manner.

No video, no arrested cop? You bet your life.

The crime in these cases, aside from being black, is the lack of respecting authority. He had it coming. Why did he resist arrest? If he wasn't guilty, why did he run?

Charles Pierce sums it up well.

I hope we're witnessing the beginning of a sea change, but for now, for black Americans, the arc of justice is too damn long. And for America, it's beyond embarrassing. It's cause for utter condemnation. As a country we should be deeply ashamed, and galvanized for change.

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