Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Truth about Why We Invaded Iraq: Lies, Lies, Lies.

There's a reason why, when you search Google Images for
"iraq war criminals", this is the second picture, because, uh, you know...

Paul Krugman has a searing post -- with links and nods to Atrios, Josh Marshall, and Greg Sargent -- reminding us that, while the GOP field has repudiated the Iraq War in response to Jeb Bush's fumbling disaster of a week "clarifying" his position on the war, we shouldn't allow these Republicans to recast Iraq as a war caused by faulty intelligence. It wasn't.

Whitewashing history is an obsession with the message-control-crazy right -- after all, at least two GOP controlled states have tried to erase AP U.S. History classes and tests from state curricula because of "too-negative" views of certain events in our American past -- and the Iraq War is a good case in point.

We were -- those of us who fell for the elite Washington party line, I'm talking especially to you, media -- hoodwinked and bamboozled into the Iraq War, with manufactured "intelligence" of WMDs when the best efforts of UN and American teams could find fuck-all evidence. When the UN was on the verge of rejecting the U.S.-led attempt to get a resolution for war through the Security Council, Bush pulled the plug on the whole charade and invaded without international cover.

So let's call the GOP surrender on Iraq -- calling the war a mistake without placing the blame where it belongs, on the Bush war criminals above and the subservient press -- for what it is: an attempt to whitewash history in order to safely get past the issue without offending the party base.

It's bullshit, and anyone who lived through the rush to war in 2002-2003 with eyes open knows it.

ISIS at play in the fields of Allah: Bush's war planted the seeds of this horror.

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