Thursday, May 14, 2015

Iraq War Haunting Jeb Bush. Who'da Thunk?

Family fun, pre-Georgie's wars. The fun is over, Jeb.

Jeb Bush went on Fox News with Megyn Kelly and opened up a can of holy shit! The "guess I must have misheard the question" is not going over well, either. You like the Iraq War and then you don't. Real smart, Jebbie.

Then you proceed to try to campaign some more, and you get walloped with you own petard or something over and over. It's getting pretty chilly out there.

WaPo thinks about it here. Short version: Jeb stumbles.

NYTimes thinks about it here. Between Iraq and a hard place.

The time article points out that the problem is that Republican base voters -- Jeb needs them in the primary -- love dear brother's wars. The rest of the world, not so much. Paul Krugman gives the facts on that here, while providing a British perspective and giving advice to Democratic candidates: The Bush legacy sucks, so don't let people rewrite it. Stand firm and say: Dubya blew it, and everybody remembers it.

WaPo runs an anti-Hillary hit job from revisionist historian Robert Kagan. Typical Fred Hiatt tripe (Fred could have written it). Short version: We hate what Hillary doesn't say, and the world is better off when America blows stuff up. Memo to Kagan: Uh, no the world is not. Just ask Jeb.

Finally, the GOP clown car fractures as the clowns try to jump on Jeb -- some love war, some hate it, but war, war, war because the base loves it -- with opinions all over the Middle East map. Except Rand Paul, who does the Kentucky two-step to say he hates war, especially "Hillary's war in Libya." Huh? Talk about revisionist history.

Politico throws more fuel on the fire.

A "Republican policy adviser" put it best, saying, "If you're talking about Iraq, you're losing." Somebody's losing, and it ain't Hillary right now, despite Robert Kagan's remarks. She's practicing the old political wisdom of shutting up while your opponents are self-destructing.

Hillary has a lot of oppo researchers combing YouTube as we speak. Clown-car passengers, prepare for your videoed yaps all over the TV during the general election, where people who don't like the Iraq War also get to vote.

Let's let TPM sum up the trials of Jeb Bush in the past four days.
By Wednesday afternoon, it was clear that this topic was not going away any time soon. CNN's political director David Chalian attended an event in Nevada where a voter asked Bush about his multiple answers on the Iraq question throughout the week.
This time, Bush had a new response ready.
"If we are going to get into hypotheticals, I think it does a lot of disservice for a lot of people who sacrificed a lot," Bush told the voter, according Chalian.
"Going back in time, does a disservice for them," he added.
Perfect answer! We can't talk about the Iraq War because, you know, all the dead American soldiers.

Change the subject, dude. Quick. If you can...

Your American flag lapel pin too small to hide behind? Looks like it.

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