Wednesday, May 20, 2015

David Brooks Roundly Condemned for Blatantly False "Lessons Learned" Iraq Column

Hey Brooks: This is what the Iraq War looked like,
just on our side. Thanks for cheerleading it.

David Brooks, failed philosopher and serial apologist for the Iraq War, opened his yap yet again and got a mouthful or five of condemnation but quick. Why? The Iraq War was based on lies, and Brooks offers up more lies to make it look like a "Who could have known?" affair rather than the fiasco that it was.

This is what a Bush lapdog looks like.
Here's a rundown of articles and blog posts condemning Brooks and the Republican attempts to
whitewash the war:
It goes on and on. If Brooks thinks rewriting history is easy, he should think again. There is an army of critics -- rightfully so! -- out there ready to call him on it when he leaves facts behind.

The reason it matters is that no one with access to a microphone like Brooks has should be allowed to write and push false narratives, something that is Brooks stock-in-trade.

Hey Brooks: These are the war criminals you enabled.
Accessory before the fact.

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